All workshops can be taken in person or online.

IT Partnering Academy

As IT becomes true partners to the business, aligned to strategic goals and genuinely adding value, there are development implications for IT professionals. The roles in IT are increasingly demanding a wider range of skills beyond the foundation of professionally qualified and technically able staff.

The aim of the Develop Global IT Partnering Academy is to develop the skills of IT professionals to effectively ‘Partner the Business’. The core development activities are based around the Develop Global IT business partnering competencies of ‘Relationship Manager’, ‘Shaper’, ‘Leader’, ‘Consultant’ and ‘Expert’. Underpinning these competencies are the knowledge, skills and attitude required to build productive business relationships, contribute to strategy and add value to the business.

Organisations can access a range of resources and workshops to develop their own bespoke ‘IT Business Partnering Academy’ to develop their IT professionals.