Leadership Development


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We have a range of innovative solutions to develop leaders at all levels, from first line manager through to Chief Executives

In addition to traditional development methods we:

Use actors for role play, forum theatre, increasing confidence and image management, create innovative business games to ensure cross-functional understanding, and perform group coaching and action learning to help solve live, complex issues.

We can provide a whole range of development solutions and workshops that can include:

  • Holding difficult conversations
  • Understanding employment law and in-house policies and procedures
  • Appropriately managing team performance, including the poor performer
  • Conducting team briefings and staff meetings
  • Having the right leadership skills to manage teams and solve team issues
  • Having the knowledge and skills to work with financial aspects of the business
  • Communicating, influencing, negotiating, facilitating and coaching as required
  • Managing change
  • Understanding what is required of a senior executive
  • Developing and implementing strategy

We can help you choose the best solution to meet your needs as we provide tailored and off-the-shelf options including…

  • Blended learning
  • Face-to-face or virtual workshops
  • Elearning
  • Toolkits and digital resources
  • Individual or group coaching and action learning
  • Use of actors and business games

Leadership Development