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Develop Global's Modern Slavery Statement 2017

Develop Global directors, employees and associates are committed to tackling modern slavery, by understanding the risks and continuing to take steps to ensure there is no modern slavery within both our own organisation or within our supply chain. (See our Equality and Diversity Policy updated August 2016; Anti-Slavery Policy 2016 and 2017)

Our directors are primarily responsible for ensuring our anti-slavery policies are adhered to, as well as identifying risks, ensuring due diligence is undertaken, that investigations are properly conducted and that all staff have been trained in modern anti-slavery.

Our biggest risks lie mainly with the organisations we work with, particularly our large global customers, as well as those who supply us with products and services. It is our policy to use ethically sourced materials wherever possible, as well as asking both our suppliers and customers to provide us with their anti-slavery statement and policy, along with some evidence that they are being adhered to, in particular that they also check their own supply chain. We reserve the right to terminate any relationships with organisations who do not comply.

We have currently reviewed 83% of our suppliers and 72% of our existing customer base. Our directors verify our procedures and training, as well as check associated KPIs as part of director meetings.

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