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Engage and Develop Line Managers

Develop Global will work with you to ensure line managers are willing, able and allowed to change to this new way of working with Corporate Service functions. For example, we can help you to:
  • Engage line managers in the transition to a new approach and ensure they have the tools to make it work in practice

  • Develop line manager's ability to have difficult conversations with their team, their peers and their own managers

  • Have line managers who have impact and confidence in giving presentations and team briefings

  • Equip line managers with the capability to manage their people and understand finance e.g. that they can:

        - Hold difficult conversations (Holding Difficult Conversations with Stakeholders)
          View full workshop details
        - Understand employment law and in-house policies and procedures
        - Appropriately manage their teams' performance, including the poor performer
        - Conduct team briefings and staff meetings
        - Have the right leadership skills to manage their teams and solve team issues
        - Have the knowledge and skills to understand and work with financial aspects of the business
        - Can communicate, influence, negotiate, facilitate and coach as required
For more information on our solutions such as running workshops in-house, elearning, videos, consultancy, or our public courses please contact:
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  • +44 (0)7866 676230
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